Instruction: Move your snake using the mouse and use the left mouse button to speed up.
Category: IO Games | Slither Style

Although unblocked is also a snake io game inspired by, it’s still worth your try. It has unique combat mechanics that are different from other snake games. Also, with two game modes, including classic mode and Zapper mode, you can choose your favorite one to master. The game is set in an arena full of snakes controlled by players from around the world. You see that all the snakes can be attacked in the arena. Therefore, you have to protect yourself from the enemies when slithering your way through the map in game. Try to go eat as much food as possible to energize yourself, which allows you to have a speed boost. You can speed up to catch all enemies or run away from dangers. Being a bigger snake is good, but it also makes you a target to other snakes, especially the smaller ones. You should avoid head-on contact with the bigger snakes, otherwise, you will get killed, causing the game to be over. Your goal in is to become the top-ranked snake on the leaderboard. Have fun with it!

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