Instruction: Move your worm around the map using the mouse. Click the mouse to speed it up.
Category: Free For All | IO Games | Power-ups | Slither Style is one of the latest io games about worms and snakes. It promises to take the famous worms’ genre of games to the next level with crazier challenges to conquer. In this awesome title, you start as a small snake trying to grow your length by gobbling up all the cute animals dispersed around the play area. Nothing can stop you from eating them, except for when you come across dangerous snakes directed by other players. You have to quickly eat those animals to get your snake longer and absorb some power-ups for having a little bit of strength which can help you destroy your opponents in the arena. You can lure them into your body, encircle them and force them to touch you, killing them for sure. Do whatever it takes to defend your worm! You must become the largest worm on the leaderboard to rule the arena. After, unblocked will definitely keep you engaged more!

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