Instruction: Use the mouse to move your character around the map, use the left mouse button to shoot, and the right mouse button to dash.
Category: IO Games | Upgrades unblocked is a PVP io game revolving around a battle where players have to throw axe at each other. When you spawn, you are at a low level and can only throw a small axe at players that have the same level as you. If you succeed in killing them, you can take the food dropped by them and advance your level. The higher the level you reach, the bigger the axe you can throw, which helps you kill more enemies. Pay attention to your enemies’ moves because if someone that is at a higher level tries to attack you, you may get killed, causing the game to be over. You can become stronger champions when you level up, such as Paladin, Fire Warrior, and Grim Reaper. The main goal for you is to get to the top rank on the leaderboard to rule the arena. To that goal, try to defeat all enemies and survive! Have fun with online!

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