Instruction: Use the mouse cursor to move the snake, left-click to speed up
Category: IO Games

Play online a popular classic multiplayer Slither style game and take control of a hungry tiny snake. Embark on a competitive match set in a wonderful land with numerous strangers and you should turn into the strongest creature ever! It is an important element that can defend your pet from the most dangerous situations. Aside from taking care of your survival within unblocked, you are also advised to increase your score. It is an essential resource to enhance your ranks. And, it can be collected by eating or cutting off rivals. The food is full of the map and it’s not difficult to grow your body. Just gather the best sushis in free and you will get longer immediately. Be careful! Nearby enemies may want to hunt you whenever. Try to avoid cunning hostiles or you will be destroyed! At present, it’s entirely easy to experience the race on mobile devices! Good luck!

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