Instruction: The mouse is used for interacting with the menus or submitting your answer in the game
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When it comes to music games, unblocked should be mentioned! Take a chance to explore this multiplayer io game to test your music knowledge. The game pits you against other players from around the world. You have hours of listening to music and guess the name of the song or the artist that is playing the song.

Play Unblocked Online
Play Unblocked Online

It’s so fun when game online can push players who love music together. You will pick a nickname for your character then enter a room to meet your friends. When a song is played, you and other friends have to type the name of the song or the artist that’s playing. The first one who sends the correct answer will earn a high score. If you lead every match, your scores will be increased and you will earn more coins. Then, you can use those coins for bonuses, such as “remove an answer” or the “double chance”. These bonuses sound simple but they can give you an edge over other players. To win, you should fully stay focused on the song and try to remember its title or the artist. You don’t only need to have good music knowledge, but you also must use your fast skills to beat your opponents. The one with the best score will win the game. Have fun!

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