Instruction: Move your character using the mouse or WASD. Use the mouse to collect snow, form it into a snowball and release to throw the snowball at enemies.
Category: 2D Shooter | Free For All | IO Games


There are many Christmas-themed io game free for all, and unblocked is one of them you will want to experience. Have fun checking out this title in your browser and take this chance to sharpen your skills. It’s a king of the ring style game mixing snowballs. All players will be taken to a snowy area where they must conquer an epic snowball fight.

Play Snow Unblocked Online
Play Snow Unblocked Online online can be an io Christmas game that has everything you have been looking for, from gameplay, graphics, to features. Prepare yourself for the snow fight! Snowballs will be your main weapons in this title, but to create them, you have to make your way through the map collecting some snow then form them into snowballs. Once having snowballs in your hand, throw them at enemies accurately to eliminate them from the arena. Simultaneously, you have to evade the snowballs thrown by other players on the map. Getting hit by their snowballs will make you face your end, causing the game to be over. You can get an edge over them by making big snowballs then rolling them into your enemies to know them out. You don’t have to throw if using big balls, just carefully roll and kill. The one with the best score on the leaderboard will dominate the arena and become the King! Much fun!

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