Instruction: Use WASD or IJKL to move around the map, use the left mouse to shoot, key E or U to change weapons, key R or Y to reload and press the spacebar to jump.
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Shell Shockers

Shellshock egg game has become a popular shooting io game online free for all players. In this title, you can test and hone your shooting ability through various challenges. But before you jump into the fray, make sure you select a weapon and customize your egg killer if you want. Have everything ready then enter the battle to kill all of your enemies. As a ruthless egg killer, you must roam the map carefully shooting down all enemies standing in your way. Make sure you kill them first, or they will have a chance to attack you. Through over time, you will run out of your ammo, so you must pick up more supplies from the dead rivals to reload your gun and come back to the gunfight to continue killing others. When your health is being low, try to reach a quiet corner of the map then wait until it is fully regenerated. If you fight with good strategies Shellshock io unblocked, the chance at reaching the top rank on the leaderboard! Are you ready? Join Shell Shockers unblocked now!

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