Instruction: Use WASD for the movement, shoot enemies using the left mouse button, and collect items using F.
Category: 2D Shooter | Free For All | IO Games unblocked should be one of the must-play battle royale io games. Prove your skills in this title then use them to defeat all other players from all over the world. You have to slay enemies and try to survive at the same time for a chance of winning. gameplay is like other battle royale games you may have played before, especially PUBG and Fortnite. All players spawn unarmed, and they must quickly gear up themselves. You should make your way through the arena carefully, enter some buildings to loot items, and make use of them to deal damage to other players. Besides collecting items, try to gather some chicken drumsticks on the ground to grow your points. The higher the points you get, the higher the rank you will reach. Also, if you survive all enemy attacks and get to the top rank on the leaderboard, you will become the winner. Play game now!

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