Instruction: Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character. Use the spacebar to jump, attack enemies with the left mouse button, press Shift to use abilities and press R to taunt.
Category: HTML5

Raid Land

You have to present your raid skills in a fun yet competitive io game called Raid Land. Do you have what it takes to conquer enemies and capture the land in this title? Even though you have none right now, you can still better your skills through over time because Raid Land game will lead you from a noob to a pro during the battle. Raid Land unblocked is similar to other fighting io games when it also features a leaderboard showing the players’ rankings. However, in terms of gameplay, it is very unique. You play the role of an archer using lots of weapons to shoot enemies around you while trying to find some gold. The enemies will get stronger and will find gold just like you. Hence, you need to be quick to kill them before taking damage from them. Improve your weapons through over time to power up yourself. Don’t forget to defend your gold from the enemies as they can take your gold away. Put all of your efforts into the battle and turn yourself into a skilled player with the most gold earn to become the ultimate winner of Raid Land free game.

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