Instruction: The mouse is used to move your character and aim. Shoot enemies with the left mouse button, release it or hold it for auto-shoot. On mobile, move with the left joystick, aim and shoot with the right joystick.
Category: 2D Shooter | Free For All | IO Games unblocked is a free 2D shooter io game that you can play to practice your shooting skills. It features top-down gameplay with unique combat mechanics. This is a game for you to play to become a pro. Come play it now for free in your browser to defeat all opponents from around the world. The battle in free online is set in a circular arena. You will collect geometric figures that are dispersed on the ground to get some XP and evolve. These figures bring a small amount of health to you, which can be used to recover. Make sure you quickly shoot your enemies and protect yourself from their shots. You should gain enough experience to evolve yourself. Pay attention to the evolution tree that is featured in the game. When you evolve, you will select an upgrade that will change other upgrades you choose for the next time, so try to choose it smartly. Perform your skills to defeat all enemies and reach the top 1 on the leaderboard. Play game now! Enjoy it!

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