Instruction: Perform the movement using WASD. Press the spacebar to jump, use Shift to run, aim with the right mouse, click the left mouse to fire. Use keys 1-2 to select a weapon, press Q to choose the next weapon, press R to reload, Enter to chat, ESC or Tab for the menu.
Category: Free For All | IO Games | Team unblocked is a fun io game with two awesome game modes: team deathmatch and free for all. Have your skills ready for it now! Noobhunter game can remind you of – a famous io game released for a while. In this title, if you join the team deathmatch mode, you must give a hand to your teammates in order to beat the opponent team. The team with the best score will triumph the match. If you engage in the free for all mode, you have to fight off other rivals alone yourself. The last man standing on the ground at the end of the match will become the winner. Make sure you arm yourself with enough weapons then use them to deal damage to your rivals. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive during the battle. Your goal in free is to become an excellent hunter in the arena!

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