Instruction: Move your character, control and interact with the objects using the mouse.
Category: Space | Strategy | Upgrades


Play with a team in MNML.GG unblocked and see how you will use that team to defeat your opponents. MNML.GG free game is another io title that can keep you playing for hours. It tests your strategic skills when it pits you against rivals from around the world. The game comes with two phases with different objectives: VBOX Phase and Game Phase. In the VBOX Phase of MNML.GG game, you must specialize your team of 3 constructs with different skills and specializations. By doing that, you can upgrade the stats of your constructs. Also, you can match items together for having stronger variants and synergies. In the Game Phase, the mission for you is to disable all the constructs of enemies to defeat them. You can use your strategies to lure them into wasting their abilities as you take this chance to increase the power of your constructs. Eventually, you can eliminate the enemy teams from the arena. Make sure you always customize your team to fit your play style as well as utilize their specializations with unique skills to outplay all opponents. Will you lead your team to victory? Play it now!

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