Instruction: Move your character using the mouse. Attack enemies with weapons using the left mouse button and sprint with the right mouse button.
Category: IO Games

Be a fast, agile, and a skilled player in unblocked! You will set out an adventure in this action-packed io game to see how you defeat enemies and if there is any chance for you to win. free online is one of the most-played io games loved by most players. You must have your skills ready for this adventure now! In the game, you are just a small and weak character when spawning. Therefore, you have to eat food and try to kill some weak enemies to get XP. Once you have had enough XP, you can evolve into a new character with better abilities. Defend yourself from the tough enemies, or you will take damage, causing the game to be over. There are lots of character classes featured in the game, including pig, chicken, spider, wolf, villager, and herobrine. The goal for you in is to become the top-ranked player in the arena!

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