Instruction: The left mouse button is used for interacting with cards, clicking on them and dragging them in the game.
Category: IO Games | Strategy

Renew your io gaming experience with unblocked! This is a strategy card battle io game featuring a unique card-collecting gameplay mechanic. Have your skills ready then enter the arena to defeat all enemies. Every match in game online lasts 2-3 minutes. You have to unlock all new cards, adjust your deck, and beat your opponents before time runs out. Once you have defeated some enemies, you will unlock some new cards in your deck. You can view them by clicking the My Collection button and make use of them to improve your power for the next match. As you progress, the strength of your cards will become stronger. It is important to save good resources for a good time and strike hard. Pay attention to the Overload cards that can move the energy to other Overload cards. When the last turns of the game, you should avoid taking damage from enemies using your armor. Also, don’t forget to save yourself using tech cards. Enjoy online on Zombsio then see if you beat your opponents!

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