Instruction: Move your character using the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse and dash with the right mouse. Use the mouse to choose and browse through various weapons at each level.
Category: 2D Shooter | Free For All | IO Games | Tank


When it comes to a shooter io game online, you can think about Gunfu unblocked! It is a fun yet competitive io title pitting you against rivals from around the world. You have to be ready for a fight against them and try to be the best among all of them. You may be a noob as you first spawn in the arena of GunFu game online. However, you can gather up more experiences and upgrade your skills through over time encountering enemies. Being armed with some basic weapons, you don’t have to be scared of other players because you can totally eliminate them with those weapons. Try to defeat them before they defeat you. Feel free to unlock more advanced weapons to increase your kill count. Accumulating kills helps you a lot, especially in growing your rank to the top. Just make sure that you will take any shots from enemies because if you do, you will be re-spawned to level 0. You have to get enough kills so you can proceed to the next level to conquer more. Can you reach the first place on the leaderboard to be the best shooter? Enjoy GunFu free game!

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