Instruction: Move your goose around the coop using the mouse. Use the left mouse to attack enemies and use the right mouse button to sprint.
Category: IO Games

Getting stuck in a small coop full of geese in unblocked, a solitary goose like you have to manage to survive and try to become the best goose of all. Why are all of you trapped here? This is the consequence of irritating the farmer by taking his stuff. He decided to lock all geese in that coop, which sparks a battle of survival between them. free online is like other io games with the battle royale concept. You have to fight for your ultimate survival. Because there is not enough food for all geese, you must find some and get enough of it to get your size bigger. Once your size has become larger, you will find yourself stronger with enough confidence to battle against other geese, or even outplay them using your smart strategies. Quickly get an edge over them and eliminate them from the coop before you get eliminated. Keep growing your body for a chance of becoming the biggest goose in the arena and ruling the leaderboard. Are you ready for this survival battle? Join it now! You can try other battle royale io games to have more experiences!
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