Instruction: Click the left mouse button to shoot enemies and use Q to change to the knife.
Category: 2D Shooter | Free For All | IO Games | Team


GiftHunter2.IO unblocked is a shooting io game with the Christmas theme. This is the second installment in game series. The game is about a Gift Hunter trying to defeat all of his opponents that are blended with Christmas objects in the arena. You are armed with a gun and you must use it smartly to dish out damage to your enemies. However, the first thing you do is to figure out which ones are real enemies and which ones are just objects. Once you have recognized your targets, quickly defeat them before they defeat you. You can use objects on the ground as a cover to avoid the attacks from the enemies. If you take damage from them, the game will be over. Try to avoid their shots, protect yourself, and slay them all for a chance of winning. You have to become the best gift hunter in the game. Play free online! You can play for great challenges!

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