Instruction: Use WASD or Arrow keys to fly around, RMB or Space to build, LMB to attack, 1-7 to choose upgrades available
Category: 2D Shooter | IO Games | Splix Style | Upgrades is one of the top coolmath shooting games where you fly a helicopter and fight against a lot of enemies from around the real world. It is a survival multiplayer match that you can become the top character if you dominate the largest territory in the sky. Therefore, you should prepare for the battle from now on.

Play Unblocked Online
Play Unblocked Online

Play hacked unblocked you need to destroy the foes while expanding your area. Not only that, you are advised to build walls. They will create a tower defense to prevent the rival from invading and ruining everything you have achieved. Each time you fill the target zones in free online, your point will be increased. It means that you can level up and open upgrades for your airplane with buildings. Further, there are numerous special superpowers hidden during the adventure. Let’s launch combat and check your skills properly!

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