Instruction: Use the mouse to move your snake and use the left mouse button to speed up.
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You are a cool snake slithering around a 3D snowy world in Cool unblocked which is a snake io game inspired by Since the game takes inspiration from, it has the same gameplay mechanic but its features will be different, and you can try this title for free in your browser to experience it. The main goal for everybody in Cool free online is to become the biggest snake on the leaderboard to dominate the arena. To that goal, you have to grow the body of your snake to the max and defeat your opponents while protecting yourself from them. When you make your way through the map, try to eat pellets to get your size bigger. It’s good when you grow up your body, but it also makes you a target to other players because they will want to eliminate you. Therefore, you have to avoid running into their body with your head, otherwise, you will be destroyed. But, you can take advantage of your body to encircle the enemy snakes and make their heads run into you to kill them. Or, you can make a speed boost to outmaneuver those snakes and cut them off. Once they are defeated, pick up their dead remains to grow your body size. Can you defeat all of the enemy snakes in Cool game to become the biggest snake of all? Play and have fun with it!

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