Instruction: Use the mouse to control your character and swing your sword to defeat enemies in the game.
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ClashBlade IO

Swing your sword through a big arena in unblocked to defeat all opponents! This fun arena-style io game features two game modes: Rank Mode and Endless Mode with different game objectives. Pick your favorite mode then jump into the arena to battle it out! If you choose Rank Mode, you must prepare yourself for a rank war! This means you pit yourself against other players and try to defeat them all for the top rank on the leaderboard. You spawn in the arena at a low level.

The best thing you can do is to collect orbs dispersed around the map to get your sword bigger. Having a bigger weapon helps you beat others easily. Use it smartly to kill them all and get a high score. If you get into the top 1, 2, 3, you will get some coins and experiences. If Endless Mode is your pick, you don’t have to worry about killing others because this mode is designed for fun only. Since you play the game for fun in this mode, you will not get coins or experiences. Try to beat all enemies in free game to become the winner!

Play ClashBlade IO Unblocked Online
Play ClashBlade IO Unblocked Online

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