Instruction: Use the mouse to navigate the in-game menus and interact with objects.
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Call of War: World War 2

In Call of War: World War 2 unblocked, you have to lead your country to the ultimate victory in an epic war. The point of the game is to bring peace to the world and make your country much prosperous. To that goal, you will have to use your skills, smart strategies, and good tactics. Call of War: World War 2 free online features exclusive combat mechanics. There are two types of powers for you to pick, including the Axis and the Allied. As a leader, you have to make smart decisions on many things that will have an impact on the war, such as infantry placement, attack types, tank types, and armor. Make sure you build a strong army of units then send them out into the fight to defeat all enemies. Besides fighting, you can expand your territory by vanquishing more provinces. Don’t forget to work with other players to grow the economy and produce more products to trade with others. Show off your leadership skills to conquer all challenges in this RPG io game. Have fun!

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