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Catching up with Shag!, an overnight salon success

by Jacob Mager on November 16, 2023

Here’s how London-based salon Shag! uses Fresha to manage their growing client base and team roster, following their overnight success.

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The key beauty and wellness trends you need to know about

by Tara MacInnis on November 13, 2023

Get a taste of the trends covered in our first-ever trend report: The Future of Beauty and Wellness in 2024.

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Benicky and Sons: running a barbershop that’s a cut above the competition

by Jacob Mager on November 7, 2023

Find out how Luke Benicky, founder of Benicky and Sons, has grown his barbershop with a little help from his booking platform, Fresha.

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Fresha Introduces the Future of Beauty and Wellness Report 2024

by Tara MacInnis on November 6, 2023

Fresha's trend report, the Future of Beauty and Wellness 2024, charts all the changes the industry is set to face in the not-so-distant future. Read it now to get ahead of the curve.


How to create and sell gift cards at your salon

by Jacob Mager on October 30, 2023

Learn all the ways gift cards can help you grow your salon, and how you can use your online booking platform to sell gift cards like a pro.


Salon Scavo’s founder shares the secret to 40 years of success

by Jacob Mager on October 16, 2023

Drawing on over 40 years of styling experience, Gianfranco Scavo founded Salon Scavo in 2018. Now it’s one of Toronto Canada’s favourite beauty destinations, with a 35-strong team and a diverse clientele “from ages three to 93,” as Gianfranco proudly puts it.

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Space Salon x Fresha: raising the bar for hairdressing in Vancouver

by Jacob Mager on October 10, 2023

Find out how Space Salon grew from a two-chair salon to a multi-venue destination for some of the best haircare services in Vancouver.


The story behind Menicure, Toronto’s top spot for men’s nail and skincare

by Jacob Mager on October 5, 2023

Spotting a gap in the beauty market, Richard Arnold built Menicure into one of Toronto’s most successful male grooming spaces. Here’s how he did it, with help from Fresha along the way.


Prép Beauty Parlour on winning clients, saving time, and filling your calendar with Fresha

by Jacob Mager on September 29, 2023

Mika, founder of Vancouver-based Prép Beauty Parlour, shares how she built her salon with a relentless focus on client service and empowering her team. Plus, the most valuable benefit Fresha unlocks for her business.


How this massage studio opened three new venues in just two years

by Jacob Mager on September 15, 2023

MASAJ used Fresha’s all-in-one management platform to supercharge their growth – from managing their schedule to taking payments. In just two years, they opened three new venues. Here's how.


H2 Salon on switching to Fresha, client care, and the beauty of online bookings

by Jacob Mager on September 14, 2023

H2 Salon is dedicated to helping clients celebrate their textured hair. Here’s why founder Dailey Green switched to Fresha, and the exciting results that followed.


Your salon’s name, in lights: the benefits of an online marketplace

by Jacob Mager on September 13, 2023

Here’s every reason why your salon needs an online marketplace profile to grow, plus recommendations to help you choose the right marketplace for your salon.