Instruction: Use the mouse to move your character and swing your sword. Click the left mouse button to speed up.
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As a swordsman in unblocked, you have to swing your sword carefully to deal damage to all opponents around you in an arena. free online is an io game about using a sword to kill each other. Players from around the world will step into an arena where they must fight for their survival.

Having a small blade in your hand, you should know what to do to survive in this wide field. Start to make your way through the arena and cross swords with enemies. You have to kill them all while trying to avoid their attacks. You can make your sword longer by collecting colored grains on the ground. Swinging a longer sword will make you defeat others more easily. You should be a fast and agile swordsman who is good at controlling the sword. If the enemies are too tough, you can run away from them by giving your swordsman a speed boost. But, don’t use this acceleration too much because your bonus scale will be decreased. You have to survive, kill all enemies, and get to the top rank on the leaderboard.

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