Play you can describe like a game that is culminated Zombie tower defense + Minecraft. Your objective is to build your base because that base is the most important thing when the dark comes. When is night in ZOMBSio that is the time when zombies comes in waves. Each night they will come in large number and they will be more stronger, so basically question is how many days/nights can you survive? Multiplayer component of the game is very good you can party with your friends and build together but you must know that in that case even more zombies will attack you! To build base, turrets and other stuff you must collect gold, wood or stone. has great graphics and is one of the best .io games out there and everything runs just fine. You can pick nearest server so that you have super fluid gameplay. To play ZOMBSio you must use mouse and WASD controls, this is so simple that you will know what to do in just few seconds after game starts. Like in any other .io game there is a rank so try to make a high score!

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